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Overwhelmed by healthy eating?

If you've ever been on a diet, you may feel you're in a constant battle with your body.

That's because you are.

Free yourself from dieting and restrictive eating


2/3 of people gain weight from dieting

Dieting leads to food obsession and  bingeing

Food restriction increases depression and emotional distress

A focus on weight loss leads to worse health outcomes

How it works

Step 1

Book a free discovery call to discuss your personal needs and how I can help

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Choose your personlised package and book an initial appointment

Step 3

Receive video appointments, journals, activities worksheets, unlimited online journal and messaging support

How to know if you should stop dieting...

...and what to do instead!


Explore whether you food rules are helpful or if it is time to ditch them with my FREE e-book!

How I can help you

I guide you to explore your eating  behaviours and emotions to develop a happy healthy relationship with food and body

Free yourself from the restricting- bingeing cycle


Ditch diet rules and tune into your body's signals


Find acceptance and trust with your body


Enjoy a variety of foods without feeling stress or guilt


Understand and cope with your emotions


Why trust me?

I am a registered and experienced dietitian held accountable to use evidence-based information so you can be sure you are free from confusing and inaccurate nutrition advice.

I have a master of dietetics, a research degree in food science and nutrition and a bachelor of health sciences majoring in psychology and nutrition.

On top of this, I have completed extra training in intuitive eating and mindful eating as well as countless hours of professional development and on the job training to keep up with the latest nutrition research.


Want to know how you can find food freedom?


Completed intuitive eating training to effectively guide clients using the latest evidence based approach


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Registered as a dietitian and legally required to meet strict professional standards


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Provides opportunities for professional development and ensures I use the latest available evidence-based practice


Completed a food body mind training for dietitians to use up to date mindful eating practices


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