Imagine a world where you are at peace with food and body

Make 2020 the year you get freedom

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8 week journey to food and body freedom

Imagine having a peaceful relationship with food.

One in which your social and emotional needs are met.

Where you are not spending all your energy and headspace thinking about food and dieting.

You can have this.


What would you do with all the extra time, money and head space when you give up dieting?



Make 2020 the year you give up on diets!

To understand and trust your body’s cues.

To nourish yourself to satisfaction

To enjoy a meal without worrying about the calories

To stop putting your life on hold

To have a clear mind, free from food and diet thoughts

To care for yourself like you deserve


Imagine everything you could achieve if your life wasn’t dedicated to shrinking and controlling your body.

Find your

Foodi Freedom

I'm Emma Townsin, a UK registered dietitian and I am here to help you free yourself from food and body rules that are holding you back from living your best life.

Using an intuitive eating approach, this course is designed to change your perspective of health and body to find a healthy and peaceful relationship with food.


You will receive weekly activities, designed to challenge, guide and inspire along with full journal and message support.

you are more likely to gain weight than lose weight from dieting

dieting does not consider your emotional and social needs

dieting promises to shrink your body but ends up shrinking your life

your health and well-being are worth

more than a number on a scale

Make 2020 the year you stop dieting!

The year you find enjoyment in eating

The year you find peace with yourself

The year you stop putting things off 

The year you free your mind from diet thoughts

The year you find happiness and pleasure in life

The year you realise you are good enough

What has dieting actually given you?

Are you happier? Are you healthier? Are you fitter or stronger because of the years of restriction and rules?


You are not alone.

Dieting does not do as promised.


Give something new a try for the fraction of the cost of your average diet! You will be surprised what you can achieve.

What's in the course?

Week 1:

Diet Culture Detox and Exploring Body Diversity

  • Explore where your body ideals have come from

  • Understand the impact on your social, psychological, financial and physical health

  • Work towards decluttering diet culture from your life


Week 2.

Honour Your Hunger

  • Understand the biological reasons behind hunger

  • Understand your hunger cues

  • Explore barriers to feeling hunger

  • Work towards recognising and honouring your hunger

Week 3.

Removing food fears and challenging the food police

  • Explore why restricting makes you feel out of control

  • Understand how food beliefs influence your thoughts and how you feel

  • Work on allowing all foods to be included

Week 4.

Exploring fullness & satisfaction

  • Explore barriers to feeling fullness

  • Understand the difference between fullness and satisfaction

  • Tune out external rules and distractions

  • Learn how to choose foods which truly satisfy you

Week 5.

Emotional eating

  • Understand the link between your emotions and eating

  • Begin coping with your emotions without using food

  • Develop a self care plan for those moments of feeling out of control around food

Week 6.

Developing Body Respect

  • Stop the war with your body

  • Find respect for your body in its here and now

  • Begin a kinder relationship with your body from where you can care for yourself

Week 7.

Joyful Movement

  • Discover your benefits of activity that don’t involve weight

  • Remove stress and find peace with movement

  • Discover movement that you enjoy and makes you feel good

Week 8.

Create your food philosophy

  • Bring your new perspective of eating into the world around you

  • Explore how your values align with the messages around you

  • Confidently navigate through diet culture your own way

Is this course right for you?

Are you:

  • Tired of dieting and wanting to try a new way?

  • Looking to make healthy changes but confused with the mixed messages?

  • Feeling out of touch with your eating cues?

  • Wanting a weight-inclusive approach?

  • Wanting to feel in control of your journey while receiving online support?

  • Tired of being made to feel healthy is about changing your body?

  • Looking to develop techniques that can help you for the long term?

  • Self motivated and enthusiastic

Who is it not suitable for?

It is not for you if:

  • You have an eating disorder

  • You are not open to trying a non-diet approach

  • You have underlying trauma that may need 1-to-1 professional support

  • You have an underlying medical or mental health condition requiring individualised advice and support

  • You are not comfortable with or motivated receiving the course online and completing in your own time

If you are unsure whether it is for you or want to enquire about 1-to-1 support, you can book a free discovery call

You will receive

  • A module each week making up a 100-page workbook for you to keep

  • Activities, worksheets and handouts to challenge, inspire and empower you

  • Unlimited online journal support*

  • Unlimited direct messaging support*

  • Discounted coaching 1-to-1 video appointments*

  • Improved physical and  psychological health

  • Improved social and emotional well-being

  • A lifetime of techniques to feel in control of your eating and emotions

  • A new perspective and approach to health


*for the duration of the course​

All this, only £150 for 8 weeks of content and support!

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