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Receive 1:1 video appointments from anywhere in the world!

Receive worksheets and activities sent to you between appointments

You'll never be alone with unlimited messaging and journal support.

Find Foodi Freedom with1-to-1 coaching packages

Receive support between appointments with personalised worksheets and activities to keep you moving forward and unlimited messaging and journal support so you are never alone.

Foodi Freedom 6 week master

  • 1 initial video appointment

  • 2 video follow-ups

  • Weekly activities and worksheets

  • 6 week journal and goal setting support

  • 6 week unlimited direct messaging support

Foodi Freedom 12-week intensive

  • 1 initial video appointment

  • 6 video follow-ups

  • Weekly activities and worksheets

  • 12 week journal and goal setting support

  • 12 week unlimited direct messaging support

Foodi Freedom 6-month PRO

  • 1 initial video appointment

  • 10 video follow-ups

  • Weekly activities and worksheets

  • 6-months journal and goal setting support

  • 6-months unlimited direct messaging support

What will the sessions involve?

I use a framework called intuitive eating. Intuitive eating is focused on increasing our interoceptive awareness- understanding what's going inside our body- while tuning out the external influences that conflict with our body's internal signals.

The principles of intuitive eating include:

  1. Rejecting the diet mentality

  2. Honour your hunger

  3. Make peace with food

  4. Challenge the food police

  5. Feel your fullness

6. Discover food satisfaction

7. Cope with emotions without food

8. Respect your body

9. Finding enjoyable movement

10. Honour your health

What you will get

Find food peace and eat based on your internal needs rather than external rules

Find satisfaction from food, free from guilt, stress and anxiety

Remove excessive thoughts surrounding food and free your mind for other activities

Reduce out-of-control eating and emotional eating episodes

Stay connected with unlimited support

video appointments

direct messaging

document sharing

reflections and emotions

food photo journals

 activity journals

goal setting

Shared instantly with your dietitian

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