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Intuitive Eating

8- week course

4 months dietitian support

This 8- week intuitive eating course is designed to take the guilt and stress out of food and eating to you back in control of your food and eating behaviours.


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Habit Changer

6-week course

3 months dietitian support

This 6- week nutrition and lifestyle course explores the multitude of factors in our lives that influence on our eating habits and health.


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Intuitive Eating week 1:

Ditch your Diet

Delve into the myths and false promises of diets and understand how your diets failed you. You didn't fail them.

We will explore what are 'normal eating behaviours' and start moving away from goals involving body weight.

Habit Changer week 1

Awareness and Eating Mindfully

We start by exploring lifestyle factors that can affect our appetite and eating behaviours. We take a dip into mindful eating strategies and hunger/ fullness awareness. 

Our food facts this week explore fats and the role they play in our bodies.

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