Long term healthy habits free from restrictive eating behaviours

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Diets give us external rules to follow relating to what we eat and how we look.

The problem? These external rules will conflict with our body's innate eating cues and our body's comfortable weight and shape.

“Dieting is one of the most common forms of disordered eating.”

- National Eating Disorders Association

So, what's the answer?

I use an evidence-based, validated model that guides you to develop awareness and trust of your body's cues

  1. Free yourself from diets and food rules

  2. Tune in and act on your internal eating cues

  3. Develop respect and trust in your body

  4. Stop obsessing over food and get on with your day

  5. Cope with your emotions without food

  6. Find enjoyable movement that makes you feel good

Intuitive eating puts you back in control, rather than your food controlling you

What it will be like working with me?

  • We work together in a safe, honest and judgement free space

  • Receive support and guidance, never rules or lectures

  • Receive health advice, not weight bias
  • Explore all aspects of your health and lifestyle
  • You are in control of your journey



I’m Emma Townsin, a registered and experienced non-diet dietitian on a mission to free you from dieting and harmful eating behaviours.

How did I get here? 

In my years of experience as a dietitian I came to realise; dieting wasn’t working. And it wasn’t just fad diets people went on from the internet.


It was also diets myself and other nutrition professionals were "prescribing". The ones we thought were not “diets” because we are health professionals so it’s different.


Actually it isn’t. 

And it didn’t sit right with me. Why would I tell my patients to measure portions and steer clear of certain foods when I don’t do that myself?


So, I did what I’m trained to do. Research! I read lots of studies and found the research matched what I was seeing:

  1. When we focus on weight loss as a goal for improving health, we see long term weight gain and poorer health outcomes

  2. Diets are harmful (even the ones I was prescribing!) as they teach us to focus on external rules and signals, therefore losing touch and trust with our own body


But what was really confronting was this

  • The research shows that no matter our weight, if we are engaging in healthy habits we have the same health outcomes! Yep, our weight does not predict our health as much as we are made to believe.

  • The focus on weight loss leads to less opportunity for healthy habits by larger people through weight stigma- therefore resulting in poorer health outcomes.

  • I, myself had weight bias, as do most of us, from growing up in a society that constantly sends us messages that being bigger is “bad”- it’s not.


I had spent my whole life and education surrounded by messages that everyone’s goal should be:

  1. To lose weight and be skinny

  2. That everyone is capable and should focus on losing weight

This is far from the truth and far from helpful


Where did I go from here?

I found an evidence-based non-diet focused model for improving health behaviours. It’s called intuitive eating and it has been backed up by a load of research since it was first developed in 1995!


The focus is on improving our interoceptive awareness (listening to our own body’s internal signals) and tuning out the external rules, thoughts and beliefs that come from our environment.


This way, we can nourish our body which reduces obsessive food thoughts, stress, guilt, restriction and overeating as well as weight cycling that come when we try to follow diets “aka external food and body rules”.


Foodi is a weight inclusive HAES® aligned evidence-based online nutrition service. that offers 1:1 coaching focused on improving both physical and psychological health.


I guide you to let go of diet culture and harmful external rules and thoughts while developing trust and understanding of your own needs.


You will feel greater acceptance and appreciation of your body, less stress and guilt surrounding food and eating, less restricting and overeating and more brain space to enjoy the important things in life!


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