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The Foodi Freedom Intuitive Eating Course

Online Courses to feel at peace with food and healthier in your body

Interactive online courses to complete in your own time. Overcoming emotional eating launching in July. Register interest here to receive a discount code and get first access

Coping with emotional eating

An interactive self-paced course to break the emotional eating cycle without restriction.

This course will:

  • Explore why you feel out-of-control around food at certain times

  • Discover your biological and psychological cues that drive your eating behaviours (and how to work with them!)

  • Remove guilt around food and eating to break the emotional eating cycle

  • Implement self-care and nourishment strategies to help your eating behaviours

  • Guide you to develop coping strategies to reduce the impact and frequency of emotional eating.

Meet your coach

I'm Emma Townsin, a UK registered dietitian and I am here to help you free yourself from food and body rules that are holding you back from living your best life.

My online courses all use a non-diet approach for a healthy and respectful relationship with your body. We work with your body to curiously explore your eating behaviours and the underlying reasons.

Join me to start exploring your health and wellbeing from a new and more helpful perspective

you are more likely to gain weight than lose weight from dieting

dieting does not consider your emotional and social needs

dieting promises to shrink your body but ends up shrinking your life

your health and well-being are worth

more than a number on a scale

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