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Are you ready to ditch dieting and get back in control?

Receive 1:1 video appointments from anywhere in the world!

Receive worksheets and activities sent to you between appointments

You'll never be alone with unlimited messaging and journal support.

12-week 1:1 Food Freedom coaching

Receive support between appointments with personalised worksheets and activities to keep you moving forward and unlimited messaging and journal support so you are never alone.

   Food Freedom Packages include:

  • An initial video appointment (1-hour)

  • Video follow-ups  (6 x 45-minutes)

  • Weekly check-ins and support to move forward*

  • Unlimited direct messaging support*

  • Unlimited journal and goal setting support*

  *For the duration of the program

Find food freedom in 12 weeks for only £260/month for 3 months    

Individual appointments

Get started quickly and easily with single appointments or save with bundles and book appointments just when you need them.

Individual appointments:

  • Book individual appointments or review packages

  • For those who don't need the between session support

  • Flexible options for reviews as you need them

  • Initial appointment 1 hour £90

  • Follow up 45 minutes £80

  • 3 appointment package valid for 6 months

    • 1x initial, 2x follow ups £220

How to know if you should STOP DIETING...

...and what to do instead!

You don't have to keep trying new food rules. Gain clarity over what is causing you stress over your eating and get started to food freedom today.

What will the sessions involve?

I use a framework called intuitive eating. Intuitive eating is focused on increasing our interoceptive awareness- understanding what's going inside our body- while tuning out the external influences that conflict with our body's internal signals.

The principles of intuitive eating include:

  1. Rejecting the diet mentality

  2. Honour your hunger

  3. Make peace with food

  4. Challenge the food police

  5. Feel your fullness

6. Discover food satisfaction

7. Cope with emotions without food

8. Respect your body

9. Finding enjoyable movement

10. Honour your health

What you will get

Find food peace and eat based on your internal needs rather than external rules

Find satisfaction from food, free from guilt, stress and anxiety

Remove excessive thoughts surrounding food and free your mind for other activities

Reduce out-of-control eating and emotional eating episodes

Stay connected with unlimited support

video appointments

direct messaging

document sharing

reflections and emotions

food photo journals

 activity journals

goal setting

Shared instantly with your dietitian

Frequently asked questions

How does telehealth work?

Telehealth is healthcare that is delivered online- through your smart phone, tablet or computer. There are different ways we can interact with telehealth. Firstly, we use video appointments. These are booked appointments. We see each other and interact as we would in a face-face appointment, except neither of us have to travel. I can share resources with you by sharing my screen. We can also message each other. Anytime of the day or night- send me a message and I will receive it when I am next online. I can share documents with you. This means I can send you information and you can view this all online- in your own time. There's also journals which allow us to stay in close contact between appointments. You can keep food photo diaries, exercise logs and reflections throughout the day. There's a goal setting section for you to set, update and review your goals as you go. You can even sign your consent forms through your phone or computer- no need to print and scan. It's that simple. Overall, telehealth allows us to stay in closer contact than if you only attend physical appointments.

Do I need to install an app?

Foodi uses a platform called Healthie which has all of the telehealth services we use to interact with you. Healthie is available on your web browser or an app that you can download to your smart phone or tablet. We recommend you download the app to your smart phone. This will make it easier to engage between appointments, keep your journals up to date, receive reminders and get the most out of the programme. You can use Foodi on your web browser as well. Having regular access will help you get the most out of the service. Details of how to connect to Foodi through the Healthie platform will be sent to you when you purchase a programme or, if you prefer, you can download the Healthie app first and I will send you a code to connect with me. It is available on iOS and android devices or at

What is a message follow up?

Message follow-ups provide guidance and support to move forward without having a scheduled video appointment. I will review your journals and any messages you have sent me as well as our last consultation. I will then send you handouts and worksheets with new activities to complete to move forward and stay focused.

I've tried other diets before. How is this different?

Foodi is not a diet. You are not expected to follow any food rules or restrict certain foods. Foodi uses an approach called intuitive eating. It is a well researched and evidenced-based set of self care principles to move away from following external food rules and towards understanding and trusting our body's internal signals. This can sound scary when we are used to following external rules to guide our eating behaviours. However, the research shows that dieting (following external food and/or body rules) leads to weight gain over time and a disorded, stressful relationship with food. This approach will provide you with the freedom to eat according to your needs, therefore reducing cravings and bingeing as well as stress, guilt and fear surrounding food. Our body can find its natural point where it feels healthiest and functions at its best.

Will I lose weight?

Foodi's approach does not focus on weight loss. This is because when we focus on weight loss we are unable to truly listen to our internal cues as external rules or thoughts will interfere (ie the number on the scale, the calorie content of the meal). Why is this a problem? The research shows that dieting (using these external rules) for weight loss does not work long term. Even worse, many people end up gaining weight after the diet has ended. Intuitive eating will help your body find its healthiest and happiest weight where it can function at it's best without the stress of focusing on numbers on the scale.

I have a holiday booked. Can I stop and restart the programme?

The benefit of this programme is you can take it on holiday with you. Unlike being on a diet, this programme is not going to ruin your holiday. If holidays are a part of your lifestyle, we want to factor that in. It can be a great chance to develop skills to incorporate holidays and social events into your lifestyle. You can always move your scheduled 1:1 video appoitment to a week either side of your holiday.

Is my information kept confidential?

Yes. Your privacy is important to me. I use a secure platform for all telehealth services called Healthie. Healthie is compliant with the GDPR, HIPAA, PIPEDA and PCI guidelines which govern storage of personal information. Videos, messages and all your supporting documentation are stored in an encrypted system and never downloaded to a private or business computer. My email system is also encrypted to a high standard and compliant with the GDPR. Furthermore, your information is only accessible to healthcare staff within Foodi. It will not be accessed by non-healthcare staff or shared with anyone without your permission. If I feel it is in your best interest for me to liase with another healthcare service regarding your care, I will seek your permission first.

How do I pay?

You can pay when booking your appointment or package via the Healthie booking platform. After selecting your initial consultation on the calendar, you will be prompted to enter your card details. Your payment is processed through an online payment provider called Stripe. Your card details are securely stored to high standards and are not shared with Foodi. If you select a programme that includes monthly direct debits, the monthly cost will be automatically taken from your account each month for the duration of the programme you signed up for.

Do I need a web camera?

Yes, to complete the video appointments you are required to have a web camera and microphone. These are usually in-built on smart phones, tablets and laptops but you can use a webcam if you don't have one. If there are technical issues on the day, I can call you instead.

What are the system requirements?

We use a platform called Healthie for all our telehealth services. The Healthie app is available to install on iOS and Android devices. It is also available as a webpage. You are required to have a smart phone, tablet or computer with a webcam to engage during video appointments and regular access to stay in cose contact. For more information on using the Healthie platform, visit

What hours are available for video appointments?

Video appointments can be accessed on my calendar when you book. I am available outside these hours to respond to messages, usually within a few hours on weekdays as required. I am not available on hand on weekends but will receive messages and can address them at your next appointment or during working hours.

When does my programme begin?

Your program will begin from the day of your initial appointment. I am unable to give you personalised advice prior to your initial appointment.

What is an initial video appointment?

There are two types of video appointments. An inititial consultation and follow up sessions. An initial consultation lasts for one hour and will be our first contact together. Here, We will get to know each other so I can best help you. We will discuss your health including your medical and psychological health, your lifestyle such as stress, sleep, work and living situations and activity. We will explore your eating patterns and your feelings surrounding food and eating. From this information we can work out which type of support will best suit you and get started with some discussion and activites.

What is a video review appointment?

A video review is a booked 30 minute video appointment available after an initial appointment. We will discuss how you are going, challenges you are having and anything you want to explore deeper with me. I will provide handouts and worksheets for at the end to move forward in your journey.

Any questions?

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