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Overcome Emotional Eating

Non-diet help to stop emotional eating

An interactive online course to complete in your own time.

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This course offers help for emotional eating by exploring the underlying triggers so we can learn how to stop emotional eating forever

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How to stop emotional eating

Online healthy eating course

This non-diet emotional eating course covers:

  • What is emotional eating and why you do it

  • Discover your biological and psychological cues that drive your eating behaviours (and how to work with them!)

  • Remove guilt around food and eating to break the emotional eating cycle

  • Implement self-care and nourishment strategies to help your eating behaviours and overall health

  • Explore your emotions and feel your feelings to be better prepared to cope with them

  • Guide you to develop coping strategies to reduce the impact and frequency of emotional eating

Help For Emotional Eaters

This Online Course is FOR YOU if:

  • You want support to overcome emotional eating

  • You turn to food when you feel sad, lonely or stressed

  • You eat when you are bored

  • You eat until you feel uncomfortable

  • You feel angry or guilty after eating

  • You are ready to work WITH your body

  • Dieting isn’t working, it's time for a new approach!

Meet your coach

Emma Townsin, UK registered dietitian and intuitive eating counsellor with a masters degree in nutrition and dietetics. She is here to help you improve your health and happiness by working with your body rather than fighting against it.

Overcome emotional eating with:

Video Lessons covering 5 topics

Lesson 1: Goodbye guilt 

Understand what emotional eating is and remove the guilt that keeps you trapped in an emotional eating cycle

Lesson 2: A nourished body

Explore your self care and physical nourishment throughout the day to satisfy your biological and psychological cues that can trigger emotional eating

Lesson 3: Feeling your feelings

Develop the skills to tune into the physical sensations from your feelings to be better equipped to cope without food

Lesson 4: Practice not reacting

Bring your body from a stress response back to a calmer place to be better able to cope with the emotion

Lesson 5: Curiosity in the aftermath

Learn to use emotional eating to develop a deeper connection and prepare coping skills for next time

PLUS bonus material

Downloadable workbook

For deeper personal exploration through each chapter to develop strategies that help you overcome emotional eating

Emotional eating quizzes to review your learning from each chapter

Audio meditations

For two mindful body scan audio meditations

Discussion boards

Reach out with your experience, questions or to connect with others

Lifetime access

to the course and materials so it will be there if you need to revisit it in the future

Disclaimer: This course does not replace individual healthcare advice. 

The information, including but not limited to, text, graphics, images and other material contained in this course is not intended to be a substitute for individualised professional healthcare advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of a registered dietitian or other qualified health care provider with any questions you may have regarding a health condition or treatment. In this course I am practicing as an intuitive eating counselor and health coach for which the advice is general and not personalised for your specific needs. Always seek further personalised support if you have specific concerns. By registering for this course, you are agreeing to the above. 

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