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Updated: Feb 24, 2019

Our mission is simple:

Deliver honest nutrition information to encourage positive eating

There are a lot of mixed messages around nutrition, with dieting and food restrictions making it harder to have a positive relationship with food. Though, food doesn’t have to be so complicated.

At Foodi we focus on:

Mindful eating

To eat mindfully is to be conscious of our food choices, needs and the experience of eating. We eat for both nutrition and pleasure, and being mindful of each increases our ability to make food choices that are right for us. This way, we can let go of food restrictions and enjoy food in moderation.

Mindful eating is shown to help reduce the amount of food we consume while also increasing our enjoyment of food. It is shown to help reduce feelings of stress associated with eating and put us back in control.

Habit Change

Habits are behaviours we carry out automatically. While habits are important in simplifying our everyday lives, they can also guide unwanted behaviours and leave us resistant to change. Developing healthier lifestyle habits can enable us to make healthier food choices.

We tune into more than just food

Our food and eating choices are affected by many factors: quality of sleep, mood or stress levels, social habits and activity can all influence our choices.

At Foodi we consider other lifestyle factors that may affect our ability to make positive food choices.

Exploring and understanding our choices and behaviours can equip us with the tools required to make sustainable change, while still allowing ourselves the flexibility to enjoy our favourite foods with family and friends.

"Healthy eating can't be judged on one food or one meal alone"

What will you get from Foodi

Foodi programmes focus on intuitive eating, habit change and lifestyle factors through exploring our underlying behaviours and emotions which influence our eating habits. We aim to let-go of diet culture by accepting our body the way it is, enjoying a variety of foods and developing skills for managing our eating behaviours. We stay in close contact through online services to provide support when you need it most.

The Foodi blog and social pages will be a source of honest, positive and realistic food and nutrition advice.

Watch this space!

- Emma @ Foodi

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